Problem Solver

Casey Klimasauskas

Areas Casey Klimasauskas is Knowledgeable in:

Very wide interests, including green homes (High Thermal Mass, Earth Ship, passive solar), modeling financial markets, process automation, circuit design, supply chain optimization. Excellent at finding information on the internet.

Techniques Casey Klimasauskas Uses:

TRIZ - Inventive Problem solving methodology

Casey Klimasauskas's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Manufacturing Automation
  2. Product Management
  3. Product Marketing
  4. Software Development
  5. Electronic Design Automation
  6. Data Mining
  7. Artificial Intelligence
  8. Neural Networks
  9. Software Patents
  10. Process Optimization
  11. High Level Synthesis of Electronic Circuits
  12. Internet Research

Casey Klimasauskas's Problem Solving Experience:

  1.  Real-Time Control: Model-predictive adaptive process control, robotic welding, custom real-time operating system kernel for robotics, real-time Unix (Regulus).
     Digital signal processing: robotic vision, part inspection, financial time series analysis.
     Digital Circuit Design: Data acquisition, high-level synthesis of digital circuits.
     Business: Response modeling, automated stock portfolio management, Genetic optimized trading system.
     Computer Languages: C#, C++, C, Basic, PHP, JavaScript, Java, FORTRAN, FORTH, Machine language.
     Operating Systems: Windows 7/Vista/XP/NT, Linux, Unix, Ubuntu, HPUX, AIX, OS/MVT
  2. Developed automated methods for variable selection and neural network training in support of a system for automated portfolio management. Result was 2.6% excess rate of return (after adjustments for market, risk (volatility), and slippage).
  3. Implemented several optimization in a "compiler" technology for converting C++ to instructions for creating an integrated circuit. These optimizations reduced area, reduced power, and improve throughput.
  4. Conceived and implemented a number of novel technical indicators in C# in support of a professional futures trader substantially improving the profitability of his trades.
  5. Integrated a laser sensor into a robotic system for real-time adaptive welding.
  6. Developed (and patented) several techniques for improving the performance of non-linear data-derived models for process control and optimization.
  7. Performed internet research in support of a defendant in a patent infringement suit which was critical in forcing the suit to a settlement
  8. Automated the development of neural network models facilitating the successful completion of a DARPA project for national security.
  9. Designed and implemented the core technology in a neural network development system that had an economic life of over 20 years.
  10. Designed and developed a hand-held teach pendant language for controlling a 6-axis industrial robot. This included the development of a high-speed operating system kernel that allowed the Merlin Robot to ship as planned.