Problem Solver

Catherine Weiss

Catherine Weiss

Areas Catherine Weiss is Knowledgeable in:

Self-awareness, Interpersonal relationships, child development, parenting, human evolution, personal development, health and wellness, manifesting dreams and goals, people and all human sciences.

Techniques Catherine Weiss Uses:

Hard to describe my problem-solving techniques but I'll try. It's intuitive and natural for me. I guess the best terms would be divergent thinking, creative problem-solving, and brainstorming. My brain takes input from the envirnoment, synthesizes it, and then comes up with out-of-the-box ways to address challenges and accomplish goals.

Catherine Weiss's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Out of the box thinking about everything

Catherine Weiss's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I created, edited, published, promoted and sold a self-help workbook for parents to stop the US mental health crisis in children and in adults.
    - I created and developed an organizational design for people to be able to find things 10x faster.
    - I determined the cause of eczema and eliminated the eczema (in myself)
    - I created a way for companies to evaluate new product development ideas to determine the ones most likely to increase business value.
    - I created the environmental conditions for an 1800-person sales department to communicate better with a 250-person marketing department at a Fortune 500 corporation.