Problem Solver

Cathie Currie

Areas Cathie Currie is Knowledgeable in:

Broad range of business, science, education and medical/healthcare problems

Techniques Cathie Currie Uses:

Cognitive methods -- cognitive task analysis, process skills
Systems methods -- function analysis, operations, TRIZ, Deming quality
Research methods -- social, cognitive, organizational, technical, clinical psychology

Cathie Currie's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Systems -- operations, TRIZ
  2. Cognitive science -- task analysis, process skills, diagnostic
  3. Communication -- promotion methods

Cathie Currie's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed a statistical reporting program to automate education reports, resulting in the saving of 1 FTE PhD position in a small medical school staff.
  2. I revised a proposal submission and presentation for a $2.2 million center grant, bringing the project from an initial fail, to a first ranked success.
  3. I developed a set of statistical programs to detect and identify valid data records from computer hard drives and other media to salvage and build a verified dataset for a mismanaged major ($2.4 million) grant.
  4. I identified an education error in psychiatric differential diagnosis, and suggested corrective instruction.
  5. I wrote a mainframe program to automatically shift analysis through SPSS and SAS systems in a single run to reduce computing time and increase efficient use of system and human resources for massive datasets.
  6. I revised standardized evaluation designs into valuable systematic feedback systems for medical-behavioral research programs.
  7. I detected a decision error that produced significant risk in a major blood bank screen for HIV, and alerted CDC who implemented a correction.
  8. I advised a science and technology organization on how to develop their field and market their problem solving method.
  9. I detected/corrected a major error in interferon research: I told Columbia interferon research conference attendees to look for multiple interferons, they had incorrectly assumed interferon was a singular entity. Several interferons have now been found.