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Christoph Bültemann star Proven Solver

Christoph Bültemann I am highly passionate about solving problems and coming up with new ideas, not being limited to my areas of expertise. I love being the "fresh eye".

When it comes to technical challenges I go beyond conventional solutions by combining AI with proven engineering methods based on deep understanding of the physical and mathematical context.

I am a freelancer with a Dipl.-Ing. degree in Computer Science. Due to my additional skills in electronics and 3D printing I am able to create functional prototypes up to pre-production samples.

I have been working within the following areas:

* Automotive *
HMI Concepts for ADAS, Autonomous driving, development of On-road and driving simulator prototypes

* Semiconductor Industry *
Big data algorithms, pattern recognition, high speed parallel computing for semiconductor production tests

* Medical/Consumer/Industrial devices *
Voice control, Image recognition, Quality control and classification

* Innovation *
I am a member of Innovation networks. In the past I did innovation consultancy in the following areas

Photo-Finishing (concepts to improve UX and additional services)
Pharmaceutical Industry (design of a custom laboratory device to predict long-term experiment results)
Optical consumer product area (concept for a well-being device)
Food Supply OEM (concept and consumer device to expand OEM's business)

I offer the following services:
Concept development
HMI design
Software development
Algorithm development
Data science
Electronic and mechanic prototypes

Languages Christoph Bültemann speaks: