Problem Solver

Christoph Bültemann star Proven Solver

Christoph Bültemann

Areas Christoph Bültemann is Knowledgeable in:

Detecting states via optical, noise or other sensor data by analyzing the data
Development of devices or machinery or software.

Techniques Christoph Bültemann Uses:

LEAD user method
Design Thinking
Intergalactic thinking

Christoph Bültemann's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Created various automotive HMI prototypes in the area of ADAS and autonomous driving using various I/O modalities
  2. Developed high speed error reconstruction algorithms based on meta-programming for the semiconductor testing industry. Achieved speed-up by several magnitudes.
  3. Developed a machine learning system based on genetic programming with flexible command set for pattern recognition, data processing/analysis, image recognition, voice recognition
  4. Developed a Fingerprint recognition system from scratch: Image recognition, Pattern matching, Template generation, Algorithms, partially based on genetic programming
  5. Developed a numberplate recognition system for any footage, used to anonymize license plates