Problem Solver

Cecilia Tofterö

Cecilia Tofterö

Areas Cecilia Tofterö is Knowledgeable in:

Packaging solutions, design, materials, sustainable solutions, value chain.

Cecilia Tofterö's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Standardisation
  2. Packaging traceability
  3. Packaging innovations
  4. Packaging supply chain
  5. Innovative packaging materials
  6. Packaging consumer research
  7. Sustainable packaging materials
  8. Packaging competitive research
  9. Packaging material research
  10. Smart packaging development
  11. Opening box experience
  12. Packaging communication
  13. Retail marketing communication
  14. Packaging requirement analysis
  15. Packaging construction
  16. Packaging concept development
  17. Packaging concept design

Cecilia Tofterö's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. By looking at the packaging value chain from a holistic view, I have found several black holes of moneywasting that has saved big amounts of money for large production companies.
  2. I have solved packaging material quality problems that has come up in different stages of the production process as in production, transportation, packing.
  3. Looking at the whole packaging process from a holistic and detailed perspective, I have built several global retail packaging concepts, strategies & portfolios for multinational companies within the telecommunication business that improved development process and marketing communicaton as well as decreased timeline and total production cost.