Cheng Hwee Sim

Cheng Hwee Sim
I've invented several interesting new ways to overcome the following gaps in the forecasting, sales analytics and inventory planning software market:
* Lack of means to consider impact of lost sales, transience, intermittency, predictability on forecasts
* Lack of means to analyse impact of product and customer churn and predictability of order streams on the health of the business
* Lack of means to determine the stock mix that will maximise sales given available space and/or budget as well as optimally re-balance the mix across a network of stock points
Other examples of inventions are as follows:
* Secure benchmarking algorithm to get the same analytical results with a specially computed essence of the data as if one has the actual raw data - can revolutionise HR, procurement, marketing & productivity benchmarking as truly sensitive data can now be shared safely
* Dynamic cross docking algorithms to enable shipments to be adjusted enroute to their destinations so that safety stocks needed to buffer demand and supply uncertainties can be drastically reduced