Problem Solver

Cheng Hwee Sim

Cheng Hwee Sim

Areas Cheng Hwee Sim is Knowledgeable in:

Extensive experience in solving challenging problems for the public and private sectors for which no existing solutions could be found. Consulting experience (8 years in the Singapore Ministry of Defence with last post as Head Ops Analysis Dept under the Chief Defence Scientist and 20 years commercial experience as founder and Managing Director of Integrated Decision Systems Consultancy Pte Ltd). Core competency is advanced analytics using operations research and AI techniques.

Techniques Cheng Hwee Sim Uses:

Operations research, artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistical analysis, game theory, mathematical programming, decision analysis, queuing theory, etc

Cheng Hwee Sim's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Predictive, diagnostic, prescriptive & collaborative analytics

Cheng Hwee Sim's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I've received Singapore government grants to develop an innovative forecasting, sales analytics & inventory optimization solution on Microsoft Azure which addresses lost sales, predictability, transient demand & space/budget constraints.
  2. I created innovative HR planning solutions used in the Singapore civil service which integrates strategic policy & organisational plans with career planning and on to operational posting/succession planning and potential/performance appraisal. Now innovating in quantitative basis for assessing job suitability and salary.
  3. We developed the anti-terrorism patrol optimization solution for Singapore police.
  4. I designed the underground ammunition storage management system for the Singapore military which involved many first-in-the-world challenges.