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Chitta.sri yasaswi Kasyap

Chitta.sri yasaswi Kasyap
1. Safety systems in two wheelers.
( 202041042734)

Nowadays two wheeler accidents are increasing enormously day by day. We cannot reduce the accidents but we can save the person's who are sitting on the bike. My 1st idea is all about saving the person's from injuries even though the accident occurs.

2. Reducing rainfall flow.
( 202141000497)

Due to heavy rains there will be a huge loss of economy. Especially for crops we've seen a large amount of crops have been damaged due to heavy rains. But with this innovation the density of the water drop can be decreased and velocity, pressure of the heavy rains can be increased. On that note even though if there is a heavy rain the crops will not damage. By this innovation I would like to bring a new quote "NATURE CAN BE CONTROLLED BY SCIENCE ''.

3. Smart indicators in two wheelers.
( 202041055967)

As i explained in 1st innovation that accidents are increasing. There are situations of occurring accidents because of not using indicators correctly. For delivery boys they can't find some routes quickly they need to travel in unknown routes also. This innovation helps in two ways, reduces accidents and makes travel even in unknown routes.

4. Daily waste to petrichor.
( 202041056256)

Nowadays the waste rate is increasing highly. There is no control of this waste. On the other hand, moisture content in the air is reducing day by day. PETRICHOR is nothing but the rain smell. There are many advantages to people because of the rain smell. Converting daily waste to petrichor reduces the waste rate and increases the moisture content in air and this helps in 'N' of ways to people.

5. Portable two wheelers.
( 202141000494)

Traffic issues became a big threat to the public. Waiting near the signals for minutes is leading to the late work of the people. Because of pollution, people are suffering many problems. With this innovation they can carry their bike from one place to another and at the same time there'll be no issues of traffic.