Problem Solver

Chola Elangeswaran

Areas Chola Elangeswaran is Knowledgeable in:

Industry 4.0, the next generation of industrial revolution in Germany.
Mainly designing new products with rugged mechanical principles, which can replace complex electronic circuitry.
I am also interested in automobile field, making an engine run with water (hydrogen synthesis in its simplest way) would be my dream, for which I am in pursuit of answers.

Techniques Chola Elangeswaran Uses:

Design of Experiments, ANOVA, Taguchi's principles etc.. Analysis softwares like ANSYS for stress simulation etc.

Chola Elangeswaran's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Manufacturing - Capability to coordinate and solve problems in manufacturing of automobile engines from two different assembly
  2. Automotive - Knowledge and working experience of latest technologies of automotive engines
  3. Design/CAD - Good drawing skills combined with experience in Solid Works and CATIA packages
  4. Design - Made new designs of common products and utilizing in daily life
  5. Engineering-Mechanical - Ability to solve maximum mechanical problems in my house and my vehicle by myself, rarely searching fo

Chola Elangeswaran's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Reduced the problem of cylinder bores in diesel engine getting scored, by making modifications in engine design and testing
  2. Developed a low-cost automation machine for automatic packaging of insoles in an insole manufacturing industry.
  3. Currently also working in creating a safety helmet system with my electronic engineering mates, which would ensure a two wheeler gets ignited only when the driver wears safety helmet.