Problem Solver

Constantin Stoica

Constantin Stoica

Areas Constantin Stoica is Knowledgeable in:

Operations, Improvement, Strategy, Problem Solving, Innovation, Data Analysis & Visualisation, Sustainability

Techniques Constantin Stoica Uses:

Kaizen, A3, 8D, 6Sigma, 5W1H, SIPOC, Ishikawa, 5why, mind-mapping, DOE, MSA, Pareto, brainstorming, etc

Constantin Stoica's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Layout optimization, material flow
  2. EV, Hybrid, Hydrogen Cells
  3. APQP, PPAP, Process Flow, FMEA, Control Plan
  4. Automatics
  5. Supply Chain Management
  6. Data Analysis & Visualisation
  7. Standardized Work, Visual Management, Accountability
  8. Manufacturing Processes - Heat Treatments, Injection Moulding, Painting, Assembly, Machining, Fabrication
  9. Design for Manufacturing, Value Analysis Value Engineering
  10. Strategy, Policy Deployment
  11. Lean Manufacturing, Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement - deep knowledge
  12. Problem Solving - A3, 8D, 6Sigma, Ishikawa, 5why, mind-mapping, DOE, MSA, Pareto, brainstorming, etc
  13. Powders Metallurgy
  14. Cost Benefit Analysis, P&L, Budget
  15. Autocad, Solid Works, Office Pack
  16. Innovation
  17. Operations Management
  18. Manufacturing Engineering
  19. Maintenance & Facilities
  20. Out of the box thinking, creative problem solving
  21. Project Management

Constantin Stoica's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - Magna - Improved JIS (Just-In-Sequence) BMW MINI assembly line after leading a project which reduced the walking and occupied area with ~26% and the headcount with 8%. Implemented standardized work, team concept and visual management. Obtained BMW buy-in, involvement and recognition for improved quality.
    - Turned around paint line (automatic line, 12 robots, ~3000 sqm) performance after leading a 2 months’ taskforce. Right First Time – 25% improvement; Scrap – 50% improvement. Directly in charge of application, paint preparation and maintenance in this period;
    - Conducted 120 RIEs (Rapid Improvement Events = Kaizens) involving ~ 80% of the workforce & coordinated 4 6Sigma Projects
  2. - Won an internal Innovation contest after a 1 week workshop in Germany in Feb 2013. Our project was named "The Flying Car" and combined EV, Fuel Cell, ADAS, modularity, self-sustainability features
  3. - Defined and Implemented a solvent reclaiming/recycling solution across multiple Magna facilities with paintlines. The solution consisted of an automatic load/unload ATEX solvent distillation unit which used a diathermic oil and was able to recover the solvent used to flush the paint circuits, without losing its properties and making it infinitely reusable. The recovery efficiency was ~70% and the savings were millions. The environmental/regulatory implications were a big benefit as well.
  4. Pirelli Eco Technology:
    - Innovation: DOE (Design Of Experiments) programs studying composition, sintering behavior, additives (special materials: Boron Carbide), thermal treatment profiles resulting in substantial quality, productivity and cost improvements: 100% throughput increase (double-deck system, speed increase and temperature profile optimization); 50% scrap reduction; 10% electric energy consumption reduction; 15% Argon consumption reduction; 27% Nitrogen consumption reduction;
    - Innovation: Started the in-house capability for manufacturing Kanthal heating elements for Pre-Sintering & Oxidation furnaces which reduced the maintenance costs by >10%;
  5. Magna
    - Transferred the full production (injection moulding, painting & assembly) of the Tailgate Handle for Ford Focus C346 from Germany to Romania (~80000 units/year) within time and budget. The launch was flawless while quality and customer relation were improved.
    - Transferred the full production (injection moulding & painting) of the Front/Rear Bumpers for VW Golf 6 spare parts from Czech Republic to Romania (~70000 units/year) within time and budget constraints;
    - Increased with 30% in 6 months the MAFACT assessment score (measuring worldwide lean implementation in Magna plants) for Magna Banbury and obtained 2nd best of Magna Exteriors Europe MAFACT assessment score for Magna Romania;
    - Achieved >4% of sales cost savings from operational improvement projects;
  6. - Achieved >5% of sales cost savings from operational improvement projects; Obtained 2nd and 3rd place at the annual Eaton Aerospace world-wide Continuous Improvement Awards; Defined strategy and roadmap to achieve Model Plant Status.
  7. ADL (Alexander-Dennis Limited) UK
    Defined the World Class Manufacturing Strategy & Roadmap, business processes map and “KPIs tree” (goals deployment);
    Drove 6 NPIs (New Product Introductions) concerning new bus and coach chassis concepts, high complexity, high mix and low volume within a 1-year timeframe;
    Completed a DFM (Design For Manufacturing)/VA-VE (Value Analysis/Value Engineering) program with savings of >10% of the production cost for single deck 2 & 3 axis Diesel bus chassis
    Completed the Standardized Work Program achieving 30% build hours reduction and 50% improved quality across 3 product families (single deck 2 & 3 axis Diesel bus chassis, double deck 2 axis Diesel and hybrid bus chassis & double deck 3 axis Diesel bus chassis)