Problem Solver

Cory Cooke

Areas Cory Cooke is Knowledgeable in:

Industrial Design, Design Research, Design Problem Solving, CAD, Manufacturing

Techniques Cory Cooke Uses:

research, ideation sketching, CAD, Photorealistic Rendering, packaging design, User Interface Design

Cory Cooke's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Product Design
  2. Packaging Design
  3. User Interface Design (UI)
  4. Retail Environment Design
  5. Industrial Design

Cory Cooke's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I've designed a retail environment for a Fortune 100 company
  2. I designed a dozen products for Martha Stewart's Craft Line that all went to market
  3. I've spent considerable time in China working directly with manufacturers to get products to market
  4. I designed a robotic vacuum cleaner for the leading global consumer robot company
  5. I designed a patented craft product for Perler that allows consumers to use an iPad to aid in creating new physical designs
  6. I designed a vaporizer for the leading loose leaf vaporizer company.
  7. I designed several devices for SCT and Bully Dog, leading automotive tuning companies