Problem Solver

Crysta Swindell

Crysta Swindell

Areas Crysta Swindell is Knowledgeable in:

Advertising, human condition, innovative packaging ideas, business names, concepts, new ways of doing things, research anything, online business models. Anything innovative! Creative uses for everyday things.

Techniques Crysta Swindell Uses:

Ideas intuitively flow to me. It just happens. My extremely deep understanding into the hidden meanings within words, behind every letter, and number aids in my ability to capture the essence of concepts, problems, etc that is way outside the box; yet, works very well. I am conscious of purpose, meaning, existence, potential and destiny of humankind. I see the big picture. When everyone hits a wall, I will find a solution that works. Deduct, reason, and objective in all situations. Logical thinking. Word association, brainstorming, team player.

Crysta Swindell's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I am an expert researcher; I learned the syntax of search engines bringing me exact relevancy of search results.
  2. Highly evolved Empath, meaning, sensitive to hidden motivations, feelings, etc.
  3. Perception triggers ideas in me: I have an intuitive connection where ideas "just flow to me" no matter the subject matter.
  4. Objective and active listener, keen eye for detail. Creative, silly ways to brainstorm that work. No matter what, any and all i
  5. Networking: Ability to bring people together at the right time to make things happen.
  6. Perceptually, subconsciously, and consciously aware of symbols, deeper meanings to words, concepts, and symbolic relationships.

Crysta Swindell's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I came up with a name for a lingerie business: hooHaDilly as well as a name for a rave costume business: ravinMisbehavin
  2. I was contacted recently by a company I submitted an idea to regarding a creative packaging design for an innovative skin care product that wants to move forward with my idea.
  3. I came up with a solution for a large engineering company whose owner wanted to implement a highly specialized machine in his place of business without paying the just over one-million dollar price tag. I was given 1 week. My solution: If he offered R.O.P. classes to the local High School students aspiring to become Engineers once they graduated, then the Government would implement the machine in the place of business. He still offers R.O.P. today and has the machine as well free of charge.
  4. When I was 6 yrs old, I wanted to have Barbi dinner plates for my plastic business tycoon. My 6 yr old solution: To pop out the plastic round piece in the caps of Pepsi and Coke bottle/2-liter bottles. Perfect dinner plates!