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Danny Flores

Danny Flores
The ff. publications and their current significance towards a submitted article: "dsRNA applied to silage (tropical and temperate) processing and rumen protein digestion." (In press).

D. A. Flores. 1986. Digestion in the rumen and amino acid supply to the duodenum of sheep fed ensiled and fresh alfalfa. Can. J. Anim. Sci. 66: 1019-1027.: Introduces the standpoint of using functional amino acid feeding practices using the documented profiled amino acid supplied from digestion on fed silage diets underscoring histidine as a first limiting and tantalizing functional amino acid for feeding livestock taken together with Penn State U. studies with dairy.

D. A. Flores. 2013. A Compilation of Ligno-cellulose Feedstock and Related Research for Feed, Food and Energy. Xlibris, Bloomington IN USA.: Presents for the first time with ensilage the major thrusts of namely, water-soluble carbohydrates and pre-formed amino acids enhancement with postharvest pre-treatment and rumen digestion of silages when applied techniques are used.

D. A. Flores. 1989. Applications of Rec-DNA to Rumen Microbes for the Improvement of Low Quality Feeds Utilization. J. Biotech. 10:95-112.: Amino acid operons and their regulation is yet another approach or application to improving microbial amino acid synthesis and protein in the rumen. This was the earliest report suggesting this technology. (See also: R. Onodera. 1997. In: Rumen Microbes and Digestive Physiology in Ruminants, Pp. 83 - 94.

D. A. Flores. 1988. M. Appl. Sc. Thesis. UNSW, Sydney AU. "Strategies in Supplementation of Amino Acid Flows on Low Quality Diets in Ruminants: Manipulation of Ruminal Microbial Fermentation vis-a-vis Other Approaches to Supplementation (By-product Protein and Energy and Pre-treatment).": Introduces the new concepts of postharvest pretreatment, especially tropical forages, for e. g. urea ensiling. What followed was enzyme technology treatment or EFEs, solid-substrate fermentation or SSF and on bagasse or "Yeast Bagasse".

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