Problem Solver

Danny Flores

Danny Flores
To find the best value and yield to find the right problem solver for your solutions, find the individuals who have the specialized background and/or experience required to provide depth and breadth in solving the problem. Ingenuity helps and can go a long way in addition to pertinent knowledge when solving problems.

Areas Danny Flores is Knowledgeable in:

Low-quality feed sustainability, approaches to cropping, feeds processing, using probiotics in feeding and digestion, including use of feed enzymes.
Ligno-cellulose as feedstock for feeds and energy.
Probiotics, rec-DNA technology and low-quality feeds utilization.

Techniques Danny Flores Uses:

Thinking both in and out of the box
Ingenuity comes to me when I do the ground work first and then insights follow

Danny Flores's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. webbased consultant/Internet
  2. webbased researcher/biotech&agrobiotechnology
  3. alternative feeds/sustainability

Danny Flores's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I am solving problems and communicating them, in agriculture, health and food (also in energy), to other scientists and to the public domain
  2. I am developing an information research resource tool in agrobiotechnology