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David Block

David Block
Label-Making Techniques and Systems - US Patent 9684479

Patent description: Typical label design programs allow one to add objects to a label that have static or dynamic "contents," for example addresses, images, barcodes, etc. This patent describes a method of having objects that also have associated actions that are taken automatically, and driven by an overall set of actions that are a part of the overall design. It therefore can be used to "script" a label by automatically popping up prompts, snapping pictures, scanning drivers licenses, and more, when opens a label layout file.

Cartridge for Label Printer - US Patent 9333776
Issued May 10, 2016
Patent description: Intelligent, recyclable cartridge for a label printer.

Label Printer - US Patent 9333777
Issued May 10, 2016
Patent description: Label printer with drop-in, intelligent, recyclable, cartridges of media. Printer features "Virtual label sizes" where rolls can be cut to desired length so that users did not need to swap label rolls as often as with other printers.

Hybrid Printer - US Patent 7712984
Issued May 11, 2010
Patent description: A combination printer that prints on paper rolls, or on plastic or paper tape cartridges.

Control of dual printing mechanisms - US Patent 7275881
Issued Oct 2, 2007
Patent description: A single label printer with two similar printer mechanisms, and the ability to detect end of roll on one mechanism and automatically switch to the other to continue printing.

Tape Printer - US Patent 6890113
Issued May 10, 2005
Patent description: A tape printer and software that can automatically parse fielded data to simplify the printing of multiple labels at a time.

Combined Address and Postage label and system for producing same - US Patent 6010156
Issued Jan 4, 2000
Patent description: A multipart label that overcame the objection the US Postal Service had about using a label printer for printing internet postage. The label presented as one large label with individual die cut areas where the software could print the address and the corresponding barcode Indicia, along with an optional return address portion.