Problem Solver

David Louthan

David Louthan

Areas David Louthan is Knowledgeable in:

Developing continuous improvement programs and idea programs.
Creating efficient layouts.

Techniques David Louthan Uses:

5 whys, PDCA (scientific method), brainstorming/brain-questioning, cause and effect diagram, theory of constraints

David Louthan's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Lean Manufacturing

David Louthan's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Redesigned the layout of a production facility for more efficient material flow and to create synergistic relationships between dependent and non-dependent processes. This reduced travel distance to deliver raw materials by 47% and travel distance for finished goods by 53%.
  2. Designed a point of use storage rack for machine parts that weigh 42 lbs that allowed operators to do changeovers faster and with less strain on their bodies.
  3. I studied an ergonomic problem with moving heavy (up to two tons) raw materials manually and sourced a solution that reduced the stress on operator's bodies need to move the materials.
  4. I redesigned a production machine and machine layout to allow a worker to run two machines rather than just one.
  5. I redesigned the packing area of two machines to allow one packer (rather than two) to do the packing for both machine in an ergonomic way (a way that did not put undo stress on the person's body).
  6. I developed an employee idea program with nearly 16 ideas per person per year, 100% participation, over 80% implementation, and an average velocity of 54 days from inception to implementation.
  7. Improved flow between dependent processes using sequential pull and pull production (supermarket) systems (lean manufacturing concepts).