Problem Solver

David Lucas

Areas David Lucas is Knowledgeable in:

Enhancing products and business processes.

Techniques David Lucas Uses:

Six Sigma, Lean, Association, Analogy, Brainstorming, Intuition, Analytical Thinking

David Lucas's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. While at Carl Zeiss I successfully developed comprehensive parts of the database webpage, consisting of more than 900 imaged and searchable parts. Prior to that there were printed books
  2. Designed and wrote rote the original software code at Qimonda, which provided a Lean manufacturing solution and utilized Six Sigma methodologies to minimize product measurements and to control sampling by moving from systematic sampling to subgroup sampling at measurement steps throughout the manufacturing process, resulting in generation of $2.3M annual return of investment, reduction of turnaround time by 2.25 days and achievement of “Set the Example Award”. Prior to that a 1 in n strategy was used.