Problem Solver

David Orlebeke star Proven Solver

Techniques David Orlebeke Uses:

Simple, robust, easily operatable by low or inexperienced personnel. Utilizing existing technologies in unique and previously not applied areas/industries to provide solutions.

David Orlebeke's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Review of processes and technology to determine viability and or suitability

David Orlebeke's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Developer and US Patent Holder of advanced electrolysis processes; 17+ years development of advanced freshwater aquaculture/aquaponics production systems; developer of portable, rapid deployment chemical & biological weapon destruction process; co-inventor of decentralzied, continous non-emitting electrical power generation; developer of patented advanced water/waster pollutant reduction processes. Current consulting on novel insecticides & fungicides; new advanced electrical power generation devices; intensive plant propagation techniques.