Problem Solver

David Yancey

Areas David Yancey is Knowledgeable in:

Design. Computer Graphics. Photography.

Techniques David Yancey Uses:

I am able to visualize in 3 dimensions not only single item but a complete transaction of events such as an active assembly line or sequential events such as my stained glass manufacturing.

David Yancey's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. "Music" Amature Singer Song Writer and lover of many music genres'.
  2. "Manufacturing" Help many positons in ,anufacturing or products from computers to toys.
  3. "Media" Owned Live Wire Graphics Design and Ad Agency in Soc Cal during the 90's.
  4. "Consumer Products" Inventor. I have held one Provisional patent and curently have a Multi-Tool invention in Patent Pending.
  5. "Design" Artistically Creative and earn my living as a Stained Glass Artist, Metal Sculptor & Graphic Designer.

David Yancey's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I excelled at being a Production Manager in various companies identifying efficiency defecates and implementing various procedures and hardware to streamline manufacturing.
  2. The product I have in Patent Pending all but eliminates many of the physical dangers associated with tasks such as shoveling snow. My product is the direct result of identifying a problem such as 100 people die and over a thousand injured each year by shoveling snow.
  3. I create very complex stained glass panels requiring not only creative design thinking but also very difficult construction and installation problem solving abilities. From initial design, to ordering materials to construction to transport to installation, every step of the process requires implementation of solutions to problems. But of course, there are no problems, only Solutions.