Problem Solver

Dene Taylor

Areas Dene Taylor is Knowledgeable in:

Traditional printing (gravure, flexo, screen, offset)
Digital printing (inkjet - all inks, most applications), laser/toner, thermal
Film and paper coating especially for packaging, labels, barrier and printing
Film, foil and paper laminating.
All raw materials and uses for products in these areas.
Intellectual property in these areas.
Freezing and control of freezing

Techniques Dene Taylor Uses:

I have 30 years of problem solving for major manufacturing companies - I have been trained in many, and adapt to what ever a client wishes to use. The
methodology for any activity I lead depends upon the problem and the
people I am working with.

Dene Taylor's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Micro dispensing
  2. 3D printing technology and applications
  3. Inkjet printing technology and application
  4. Digital printing technology and application
  5. Paper
  6. Colloid chemistry of microrganisms and viruses

Dene Taylor's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I invented a freeze exposure indicating technology, and a system for using it directly on vaccine vials.
  2. I have led the development of many products on precision coating and
    laminating production lines for imaging, decorative, insulation and
    medical device
  3. I laid out the complete manufacturing system for a novel photonic
    security film, then started the reduction to practice and demonstration
    on commercial lines.
  4. I invented and then developed a wide format digital transfer imaging
    substrate, following up by leading its commercialization so it became
    the company's most profitable product for 4 years.
  5. I invented reactive emulsions - a method to make a stable mixtures of two
    emulsions each containing one of a pair of compounds that will react on
  6. I have 30 years experience in solving problems in manufacturing: printing, packaging, coating, laminating and converting
  7. I led the improvement of the yield of a range of smart labels from 50% to
    over 80% and set the stage for subsequent improvement to 95%
  8. I led the design of a very high volume MDF powder coating line to take
    parts from automated cutting, routing and sanding through the powder
    line with full inspection to packing.