Problem Solver

Diji Jayakaran

Areas Diji Jayakaran is Knowledgeable in:

CAD,CAR,CFD,maths, physics, electrical engineering

Techniques Diji Jayakaran Uses:

Invention and innovation

Diji Jayakaran's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. CAD
  2. CAE
  3. Inventing New technology and solutions
  4. Troubleshooting process or quality related problems
  5. CFD
  6. Mathematical modelling
  7. Innovating New technology and solutions

Diji Jayakaran's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Invented and patented high performance and highly efficient rotary engine
  2. Invented Novel electric motor or generator with multiple concentric rotors for variable power and torque without losing efficiency
  3. Invented novel industrial scale electromagnetic gas seperation
  4. Invented Kinetic energy recovery wing an body design using aerodynamic principles