Problem Solver

Dil Green

Areas Dil Green is Knowledgeable in:

Social entrepreneurship

Techniques Dil Green Uses:

Integrative thinking - I am widely read, interested in many fields, particularly in new technology and social interactions. I am often able to bring new perspectives to given situations.
Pattern-analysis: I am trained in the use of pattern-language approaches to analyse key aspects and relationships of organisations/situations
Design-methods: I use a variety of design methods, including free sketching/thinking through to analytical/research-based approaches, patterning approaches, agile techniques. In this way, problems which appear intractable can repeatedly be addressed from different angles.

Dil Green's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. research
  2. sustainability
  3. graphic design
  4. Organisational analysis
  5. Brief writing
  6. training
  7. site analysis

Dil Green's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I designed and managed a social sharing network using a combination of database technology and social interaction (pre-internet)
  2. I have designed furniture, buildings, websites, record sleeves, posters, brochures and interiors
  3. I have developed a website for a B2C kitchen company
  4. I have designed and managed the implementation a free curriculum for a primary school
  5. I have designed and managed the construction of a low-energy surgery
  6. I have designed an award winning extension to the London Science Museum
  7. I have developed a database-driven information management system for architectural practice
  8. I have resolved the organisational principles for a medical practice
  9. I designed a business model for community-based local property development, and founded group to implement it.