Problem Solver

Dimitris Mazarakos

Dimitris Mazarakos

Areas Dimitris Mazarakos is Knowledgeable in:

- Design and manufacturing/assembly of aircrtaft structures.
-Mechanisms design and analysis.
-Mathematical algorithms for kinematic/dynamic analysis of deployable structures
-Handmade engineering calculations.
-Coupled thermo structural and aeroelasticity analysis.
-Fluid structure interaction.

Techniques Dimitris Mazarakos Uses:

Finite element analysis with optimisation tools (FEMAP)
Computational fluid dynamics with adaprtive mesh.
Matlabe for optimisation algorithms

Dimitris Mazarakos's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Algorithms in Matlab
  2. cad: Solidworks and CATIA
  3. Design and analysis using Finite element and CFD methods
  4. Sytem design and optimisation

Dimitris Mazarakos's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - Design, build and ground/filght testing of 5 Rmote pilot aircrafts for cargo operations.
    - Design and assenbly of a scaled ballast water system for ship tanker operations.
    - Design and structrala/thermal analysis and testing of an electronics' casing for train observation and surveillance.
    -Design, build and testing of a scaled gravity-offloading system for aerospace operations.
    -Design and optimisation of an oil/water/gas separation underwater tank for subsea operations.