Problem Solver

Doğukan Yildirim

Doğukan Yildirim

Areas Doğukan Yildirim is Knowledgeable in:

Free Energy, Electronics, Construction, Mechanical Design

Techniques Doğukan Yildirim Uses:

Mechanical and electronical construcktion

Doğukan Yildirim's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Plastic Recycle Consultant
  2. Biomass Energy Consultant
  3. Leaf Springs Designer
  4. Machine Designer
  5. C#
  6. Mechanical Construction Solver
  7. Solidworks
  8. Pulp and Paper Consultant
  9. Waste Water Treatment Solver
  10. Atomic Resorce Flux Measurement Tecnician
  11. PLC Builder
  12. Total Productivity Maintenance Consultant
  13. Interior Designer
  14. Ergonomic Production Designer
  15. Excel

Doğukan Yildirim's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I developed a hydraulic elevator for pulp
  2. I developed drum plastic screen
  3. I developed drum pulper
  4. I developed paper z direction strenght process
  5. I developed a renewable energy process using biomass
  6. I developed a pulp mold transferring machine
  7. ı developed an egg carton production machine
  8. I developed a pulp reject recycle plant
  9. I developed an ultrasonic fiber refiner