Problem Solver

Dominic Carolan

Areas Dominic Carolan is Knowledgeable in:

Areas I am particularly knowledgeable in include, fatigue of steel structures, machine tool design, lifting equipment design, underground mining equipment, acoustics, gas turbines, thermodynamics, heat transfer, gas turbines and other heat engines

Techniques Dominic Carolan Uses:

I use a rational problem solving technique as used by Kepner-Tregoe. I research similar problems in other fields of technology

Dominic Carolan's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. I am skilled at deterministic design ie working from functional requirements
  2. I am skilled at the rational problem solving method (Kepner Tregoe)
  3. I am skilled at conceptual design

Dominic Carolan's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have developed a reliable roller bearing and sealing system for an auger which operates continuously underground in the harsh sandy environment
  2. I have used a two microphone and multiple thermocouple technique to investigate the reflection of entropic and acoustic disturbances from a nozzle downstream from a premixed flame
  3. I have developed an in situ curtain wall trenching machine for sandy soil which simultaneously places concrete behind an attachment which is removing the spoil.
  4. I have developed a tyre handling device for handling heavy tyres when fitting and removing for underground mining machinery