Problem Solver

Dominika Elmlund

Dominika Elmlund

Areas Dominika Elmlund is Knowledgeable in:

molecular biology and biochemistry of transcription and cancer
structural biology (crystallography/electron microscopy)

Techniques Dominika Elmlund Uses:

- thinking before doing
- define the main question and the expected outcome (vision)
- gather knowledge
- sort knowledge/information into useful and not useful
- get to know collaborators and their expertise to delegate parts of the project accordingly
- talk to people outside of the field to get a unbiased view, it's not good to be to close to the problem, diversity in the team is important
- brainstorm alone and in the group
- define a set of orthogonal approaches and go to the bench to test
- continue to work on promising ones, but do not stick to only one
- try and fail, it's a lot of information in failed experiments
- design negative and positive controls
- be creative

Dominika Elmlund's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. single-particle cryo-electron microscopy of biological macromolecules - specialist in computational method development, cryo sp
  2. protein crystallography - crystal seutp, screening, synchrotron, data analysis
  3. oligos purification from polyacrylamide gels
  4. genetic manipulation of yeast and bacteris
  5. protein overexpression
  6. molecular cloning
  7. DNA purification from yeast and bacteria cells
  8. affinity tag protein purification
  9. protein crosslinking
  10. chromatography methods
  11. native protein purification
  12. mass spectrometry
  13. protein modifications (phosphorylation etc.)
  14. PCR
  15. DNA modifications
  16. enzymatic assays development
  17. sequencing gel
  18. working with radioactivity, P32-UTP and P32-ATP
  19. SDS-PAGE
  20. dot and western blot
  21. audioradiography
  22. DNA agarose gels
  23. native gels - EMSA
  24. scientific writing (grants, publications, reviews)
  25. supervision of students, PhD students and post docs

Dominika Elmlund's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I design and supervise a wide range of of scientific project, from molecular biology/biochemistry to method development for cryo-electron microscopy
    - published a number of scientific papers with high impact on the field