Problem Solver

Dominique Bone

Dominique Bone

Areas Dominique Bone is Knowledgeable in:

Environment, health, safety, wildlife conservation, socio-cultural, socio-economy and general business

Techniques Dominique Bone Uses:

Research and database management plan, communication plan, enforcement plan and review plan

Dominique Bone's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Integrated management systems developer for a business or industry

Dominique Bone's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have developed a true integrated management systems for an oil palm plantation. The goal was keeping up the business efficient and effective, therefore more productive from time to time while mitigating losses, way greener and sustainable -- by working out sustainability elements to their most. Those sustainability elements are the: quality, environment, health, safety, wildlife conservation and social (economy, culture and/or local wisdoms).

    Running an oil palm plantation is sort of running a state. You have tens of thousand hectares of land planted, mills, transport system, labour housings (internal social issue), surrounding communities (external social issue), logistical aspect, cross boundary issues all to be managed at a same time while proportionally, etc