Problem Solver

Don Rohner

Areas Don Rohner is Knowledgeable in:

All areas that I can apply my background; once I can grasp the problem, with my creativity I have a high probability to come up with a innovative effective solution.

Techniques Don Rohner Uses:

CAD for Circuits and Solid State Physics, Six Sigma Tools

Don Rohner's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Inventor - Creative Solutions to everyday issues!

Don Rohner's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. 1974- Developed Mesa Epitaxy Process-NS
    1976-Developed two step Aluminum ebeam process for improving step coverage-Signetics
    1977 -Invented Source Limited Stable Aluminum Schottkey Diode-Signetics
    1982- Develop CAD program that output transistor structure for any epitaxial transistor-Bell Labs
    1983-Found that hot nitrogen dip of silicon in clean cycle repulses all micro particles-NCR
    1990- Developed Pulsed metal deposition system that allowed metal migration for 100%
    aluminum step coverage-TRW
    1991-Developed ultra low pressure bpsg plasma system that provided 5% uniformity allowing first dual metal structures-TRW
    2000-Solved Viahorn issue at Sony by statistical analysis to find a 15 angstrom layer issue
    2001-Dr. WHU – Limited resources project management software
    2003-Developed flat mirrors for video projectors-Sony
    2006-Making tapered guide wires using electro-etching instead of centerless grinding-BSC
    2011-Detecting missing Thixon on Guide wires-BSC