Problem Solver

Donna Abbott

Areas Donna Abbott is Knowledgeable in:

Process development and improvements. Sales development programs. Finance and billing research. Research and development for new processes, systems, and databases. My strongest skill and desire is problem determination and resolution.

Techniques Donna Abbott Uses:

I have an vast array of trouble shooting skills related to process development, system testing, software testing, using queries and reports to solve systems problems and complex billing issues dealing with multi-million dollar accounts. I was a valued team member that other team members came to for help in solving complex issues.

Donna Abbott's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Problem determination

Donna Abbott's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. - I helped develop a new database and system to support departments.
    - I became a valuable team member that tested new releases of software for bugs and recommended possible fixes, which was not part of my job that I was hired for but it became clear early on that I had these skills and since I used the software everyday it made me even valuable asset.
    - I helped redeveloped team and system processes for my team, which again was not part of my daily job description.
    - Supplied management with valuable insight into process changes and better and more efficient was to run the department in order to produce better quality results.