Problem Solver

Douglas Cooley

Douglas Cooley
I am a very practical outside the box designer, love designing and finding unique ways to solve problems.

Areas Douglas Cooley is Knowledgeable in:

gas separations, high pressure pneumatics, hydraulics

Techniques Douglas Cooley Uses:

mental video,sketching,doodling, math sketching,outlining,solid modeling,fea

Douglas Cooley's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. ocean power generation
  2. high load bearing design
  3. desiccation/dehydration
  4. gas/air drying techniques
  5. gas separations
  6. weldment design
  7. solid modeling
  8. jig and fixture design

Douglas Cooley's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. designe self reactivating dryers for wind turbines that do not need replacement
  2. invented a method of immobilizing desiccants for high vibration aircraft environments
  3. designed a field repairable large cable/wire rope sheave for ships
  4. designed a large self propelled load roller system for offshore oil rigs