Problem Solver

Douglas Dickson

Areas Douglas Dickson is Knowledgeable in:

I am very knowledgeable of the processes and workflow for the design, development and production of consumer products, tools, furniture, toys, medical devices and electronics. I’m accomplished at bridging technical and creative thinking, process re-engineering and communicating complex workflow in a simple fashion for non-technical people to understand.

I’m interested in evolving the approaches and methods used for creating, developing and marketing consumer products, by applying new tools, changing the workflow and using different resource models. Along with leveraging new prototyping/modeling and manufacturing technologies combined with the avenues that independent inventors, start-ups and small businesses have today to market and sell their product inventions.

Douglas Dickson's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Industrial Design, product design, human factors
  2. Drawing, sketching and illustration
  3. Mechanical drawing, technical drawings
  4. Prototypes, mockups
  5. PhotoShop
  6. Design for most plastic and metal forming, molding, casting and fabrication techniques.
  7. Presentation writing and creation. PowerPoint
  8. Product development process and workflow mapping

Douglas Dickson's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Led the development of the first McDonald’s Happy Meal electronic game premium. Established and implemented new approaches, systems and tools used to create, present and produce electronic game premiums.
  2. Coordinated R&D activities between offices in Chicago, London, San Paulo, Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
    Focused on new technology research, market trends, idea sharing, brainstorming, concept development and client presentations.
  3. Responsible for the first 100% digital development of a new surgical product line at Ethicon/J&J. Introduced CAD/CAM, 3D modeling, rapid prototyping, and computer animations into the development process for medical equipment, toys and consumer electronics.
  4. Led the development of the first 1:64 scale die-cast remote control car, including racing track accessories and retail packaging.
  5. Member of a business acquisition team with the responsibility for integrating and consolidating the product development functions of a newly acquired company.
  6. Primary lead on re-engineering the McDonald’s Global Happy Meal toy development process, reducing costs and time for the creation, development and production of toy premiums.
  7. Launched a successful startup business designing, marketing and importing collectible statues and home décor products.
  8. Assembled and led teams of artists, industrial designers, engineers and innovation specialists in the design and development of toys, medical devices, consumer electronics and collectibles.