Problem Solver

Dr. George Opoku

Areas Dr. George Opoku is Knowledgeable in:

l would like to solve problems regarding to the following sectors:

Architecture, Chemistry, Construction, Design, Earth Sciences, Energy, Environment,

Green Technology, Interpersonal Relationships, Recycling, Research, Science, Solar Photovoltaic Technologies and other Renewable Energy Technologies.

Technical Drawing/CAD, Waste Management, Wind Energy Studies, Wind Tunnel Testing and Wind Simulation

Techniques Dr. George Opoku Uses:

A brief summarized Problem Solving Techniques employed included some of the following steps;

1. The development of the generalized frameworks for a realistic assessment of utilization potential of different RET’s for different energy – end use activities, taking into consideration the various technical, resource mapping ( such as solar radiation availability, wind speed, biomass feedback availability etc.) and economic parameters such as affordability / purchasing power etc ).

2. A structured frameworks for the defined baseline for the RET’s under the CDM was developed taking into account the emissions factors, specific fuel consumption of different fuels etc.

3. Institution of suitable model(s) for estimating the carbon emissions reduction with renewable energy utilization and the estimation of the incremental cost of carbon emission reduction ‘taking into account the capital cost, annual Q and M cost, capacity utilization factor, etc.

Other distinct solutions were;
- The addressing of the needs of small and midsize enterprises to suite offerings for
global organizations.

- There was the creation of the convenient platform to drive innovation and enable
business change

- Assisted enterprises of all sizes around the world to improve customer relationships,

- Enhanced partner collaboration and create efficiencies across their supply chains
and business operations.

Created the required portfolios which will support the unique business processes.

4.Concrete estimation of the likely time trend of RET dissemination in the associated carbon emissions mitigation potential using various technology diffusion models.

Dr. George Opoku's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Architectural Model Design

Dr. George Opoku's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. CASE 5. I developed the parameters for the Assessment of Renewable Energy Technologies for the alternative utilization of non-petroleum based fuels in transportation and development as a carbon emission mitigation potential under the Clean Development Mechanism ( CDM) in the developed and developing Countries.
    Case Studies: United States and China.
  2. CASE 4. I was part of the various discussions and Research Meetings on the issues involving Climatic Changes and Clean Development Mechanism ( CDM ) , making series of proposals and study on "China's power sector's CDM baseline methodologies " during my Research Program in China.
  3. CASE 3. I built up series of important Environmental Impact Assessment Principles and Strategies for the solutions of most prevalent problems in High-rise Buildings and Occupancy in Shanghai for their Real Estate Planning and Housing Delivery Industry.
  4. CASE 1: I developed Renewable Energy Principles and Technologies for achieving Sustainability in residentially populated environment through Solar Energy Usage in developing countries, such as China.
  5. CASE 2. l proposed Environmentally Sound Alternatives and Principls for Electricity Production in Developing Countries through the applications of Solar Photovoltaic Technologies.