Problem Solver

Dr.Md.Jafar Ullah

Areas Dr.Md.Jafar Ullah is Knowledgeable in:

identify proper technology(ies) of field crop production by research

Techniques Dr.Md.Jafar Ullah Uses:

I do research in field or in Lab

Dr.Md.Jafar Ullah's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Can write reports
  2. Can review facts on natural and agricultural sciences
  3. Monitor the progress of a technology-based field research work
  4. Can edit journal papers, already associated to the Bangladesh Bioscience Associates, visit:
  5. Skilled in carrying out experiments on finding proper technologies for field crop production

Dr.Md.Jafar Ullah's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. -Relating yield loss in wheat varieties to temperature, humidity, soil moisture, rainfall and sunshine under Bangladesh condition
  2. -Assessing yield loss in wheat due to climate change
  3. -Finding ways to cut irrigation water costs for growing rice
  4. -Should flowers be cut for kitchen use in mustard?
  5. -Optimizing agronomic management rapeseed production
  6. -Optimizing agronomic management for greengram production
  7. -Optimizing nitrogen management for rice ratoon crop production
  8. -Finding out proper planting geometry for maize-greengram intercropping
  9. -Determining cutting height at harvest of winter rice for ratoon crop production
  10. -Reducing nitrogen wastage in T.Aman rice using urea super granules
  11. I have developed various production technologies for field crop production as follows
    -Optimizing fertilizer doses for foxtail millet
  12. -Identifying proper row spacing for cowpea
  13. -Optimizing sowing date for cowpea
  14. -Finding optimum sowing depth of rapeseed under straw incorporated seedbed
  15. -Choice of appropriate cultivation systems for the emergence and establishment of rapeseed
  16. -Evaluating rapeseed emergence under varying irrigation and straw incorporation
  17. -Finding proper population density for foxtail millet
  18. -determined the extent of loss in yield due to varying water logging in green gram
  19. -Finding Suitable sowing time for bushbean in Bangladesh
  20. -Finding a growth regulator which increases the yield of cowpea
  21. -Determining optimum dose of fertilizer for bushbean
  22. -Finding a suitable growth regulator to increase the yield of Fodder cowpea
  23. -Determining fertilizer dose for the cultivation of Fababean in Bangladesh
  24. -Determining suitable time for sowing Fababean in Bangladesh
  25. -Finding suitable seed rate ratio for wheat-lentil mixed cropping
  26. -Finding a suitable growth regulator for increasing the yield of green gram
  27. -Determining appropriate duration for storage of uprooted rice seedling under flood situation
  28. -Optimizing seedling age of aromatic rice for transplantation
  29. -Determining optimum fertilizer dose for wheat-grasspea intercropping system
  30. -Determining critical weed control period for greengram production
  31. -Finding proper row spacing of greengram
  32. -Finding out proper row ratio of wheat-bushbean for highest economic benefit
  33. -Solving weed problem in greengram under nitrogen application
  34. -Finding fertilizer need of sunflower-bushbean intercropping
  35. -Finding proper row arrangement for sunflower-bushbean intercropping
  36. -Determining nitrogen doses for blackgram production
  37. -Solving weed problems in blackgram field
  38. -Finding proper method of sowing for grasspea
  39. -Solving grasspea germination and emergence problem through pre-irrigation
  40. -Finding proper storage duration for the uprooted T.Aman rice seedling
  41. -Finding irrigation need for different varieties of wheat