Problem Solver

Dr Sofiane Lahouar

Dr Sofiane Lahouar

Areas Dr Sofiane Lahouar is Knowledgeable in:

Healthcare Informatics, Clinical workflow design

Techniques Dr Sofiane Lahouar Uses:

Data analysis, bibliography research, Modeling, workflow analysis

Dr Sofiane Lahouar's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Market research, functional analysis, workflow optimization, hospital design, medical device launching, product design

Dr Sofiane Lahouar's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I proposed a new classification score for the epidemiology of the diseases in Africa to help identify the key area where to invest for radiology Equipement
  2. I designed a tuberculosis diagnostic center in a box to be placed in remote area in Africa to diagnose and treat tuberculosis, we conceived also the Maternity box as well
  3. I launched a new community sport club building a team and collecting funds to acquire a play area
  4. Designed a new product solution for documenting clinical finding