Problem Solver

Duke Leahey

Duke Leahey

Areas Duke Leahey is Knowledgeable in:

Consulting is focused on Technology Sourcing, Technology Licensing, Corporate Partnering, Negotiations, Venture Capital, and Entrepreneurship.
Specializing in negotiating licenses with universities and non-profits on behalf of faculty members and entrepreneurs

Techniques Duke Leahey Uses:

My approach to problem solving includes gather source information for evaluation, building a cross-function team of experts, identification of key issues and goals, evaluating those key issues against those goals, conducting analysis of the management team, markets, technology, IP and regulatory issues. Having reported to a wide variety of corporate and university functions (R&D, finance/M&A, legal, patents, business development, engineering project management, university deans and provost) I have a perspective that is unique in today's business environment.

Duke Leahey's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Negotiations
  2. Technology Sourcing
  3. Licensing
  4. IP Assessment and Strategy
  5. Due Diligence
  6. Business Development
  7. Mentoring

Duke Leahey's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I recently negotiated international (in and out) licenses for clients from Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Denmark, Australia, and New Zealand.
  2. As founder of Life Science Alliances, I negotiate licenses on behalf of clients. Recent (in and out) licenses have been in the fields of bio-energy, alternative fuels, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, solid rocket fuels, computer programs, agricultural biotechnology and biologics, and mechanical engineering. I also served as CEO of a startup company creating the first siRNA anti-fungal product (soybean rust), and serve as board member for startup companies.
  3. I have sourced technologies for over 40 years. Recently, for Nidus Partners I successfully source technologies for biomass to chemicals and biofuels (2), energy saving solenoid valves, carbon capture and conversion to fuels, agricultural biologics, cold plasma for treatment of grains, new lithium ion production process, conversion of waste water to energy.