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Durgesh Verma

Durgesh Verma

Areas Durgesh Verma is Knowledgeable in:

BIOLOGY(genetics , ecology, taxonomy & plant pathology)etc.

Durgesh Verma's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Quality control of herbal drugs

Durgesh Verma's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Ques. How would separate
    a). amino acids from fatty acids
    b). nucleotides from glucose?
    Ans.(a). Only the amino acids have amino group, separation could be based on the charge or binding affinity of these groups. Fatty acids are less soluble in water than amino acids, and the two types of molecules also differ in size and shape- either of these property differences could be the basis for separation.
    (b). Glucose is smaller molecule than a nucleotide; separation could be based on size. The nitrogenous base and the phosphate group also endows nucleotides with characteristics (solubility, charge) that could be used for separation from glucose.