Are innovative people smart? Take a look at the educational achievements of these innovators and you'll agree they are a very impressive bunch! Two or three degrees are not uncommon, so you can see how hard working and diligent these innovative people are when it comes to upgrading their skills and knowledge.

Clinton Kyeremateng
Clyde Hollifield
Clyde Jimenez
Clyde Wallace
Cody Beaumont
Cody Gregor
Cody Taylor
Coenie Fourie
Cole McMasters
Cole Santos
Colin Barton
Colin Clarke
Colin Dawson
Colin De Abrew
Colin Dovey
Colin Droste
Colin Hilditch
Colin Lowe
Colin McGinn
Colin Merrifield
Colin Morrison
Colin Patterson
Colin James Robert Jones
Colleen Brady
Collins Asega
Collins Bukama
Collins Kulei
Collins Mlay
Columb Duffy
Conall Mccloskey
Connie McGee
Conor Mullan
Conrad Brooks
Conrad Njengele
Conrado Estol
Conroy Nugent
Conroy Sanderson
Constantain Egesah
Constantin Arhir
Constantin Duca
Constantin Stoica
Constantine Sofianopoulos
Constantinos Constantinides
Coralie Tringham
Cornel du Toit
Cornelia Amos
Cory Cooke
Cory Dedick
Cory Preece
Cosimo Fedeli
Cosmos Okechukwu
Cosmus Musango
Costa Requena
Courtney Brown
Courtney Reckord
Cozzette Brown
Craig Baker
Craig Bradley
Craig Dark
Craig Fortier
Craig Francis
Craig Grandstaff
Craig Hendricks
Craig Lindley
Craig Mincher
Craig Monks
Craig Nelson
Craig Polley
Craig Reinsch
Craig Shames
Craig Williams
Craig Wilson
Craig K Esser
Creminage Prosper Mzenda
Cris Diaz
Crislyn Maglasang
Crispen Mupungani
Cristian Bizau
Cristian Mondadori
Cristina Axionov
Cristina Mottillo
Cristina Recenti
Cristina Redko
Cristina Resetco
Cristina Salinas
Crysta Swindell
Crystal Lovell
Crystal Mackey
Csaba Holló
Cullen Martin
Curt Balch
Curt Bergsten
Curt Scheppmann
Curtis Madden
Curtis McCallum
Cv Nikhilesh
Cydale Smith
Cyndi Rossini
Cynthia DuVal
Cynthia Onyegbula

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