Problem Solver

Edward Oyarce

Areas Edward Oyarce is Knowledgeable in:

Wind energy
Basketball with community support
Health and fitness
Physical rehab
Marketing on Instagram
Cameras DSLRs

Techniques Edward Oyarce Uses:

- understanding the market
- seeing trends in markets
- ability to see the competitors side
- aware of details
- using the why to understand the problem

Edward Oyarce's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Entrepreneurship

Edward Oyarce's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. -I have developed products and strategies to enter a competitive HVAC industry to compete with the likes do JCI Honeywell, Siemens with small capital and the right team - launching in 2 months after marker research and niche to enter the market
    - helped by pulling funding on a 15k investment that turned a profit in 3 months paid back the loan and has generated 20k a month in revenue netting 13-14 k a month after expenses, employeed 4 locals and helped over 1000 ppl in the community for 3 years and counting
    - found a way to combine a product and mass distribution links including nationwide regulated construction monitoring. Did the analysis and study for wind energy in the commercial retail space. Also found strategies to use and lobby for a strong support on Obama reinvestment act of ( I believe 2010)
    - ipo understanding , i bet FB would take a dip before peaking in IPO . bet that Twitter would surge to 55$ opening day( got it) , bet that alibaba would surge opening day passed 70$