Problem Solver

Ehsan Lesani

Ehsan Lesani

Areas Ehsan Lesani is Knowledgeable in:

my interested Areas:
- Problem Solver
- Research , Internet Research and Operational Research
- Education
- Engineering software
- Computer Science
- Artificial Intelligence, design and implement games, multi agents systems, intelligence agents and Systems
- computer Networks and IT
Research Interest:
- Data Mining
- Swarm Intelligence
- Image Processing
- Big Data
- Neural Networks and BCI(brain computer interface)
- Robotic and Simulation
- Algorithms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and AI applicable

Techniques Ehsan Lesani Uses:

list of my problem solving techniques:
- Analyze
- Research
- Discovering Knowledge
- Running Active sub Solutions Process
- Create Communication between Objects(such as sub Solutions, ...)
- implement Practical main Solution by sub Solutions

Ehsan Lesani's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Professional Problem Solver
  2. Research , Internet Research and Operational Research
  3. Education
  4. Engineering software
  5. Responsible for buying
  6. Graphics and Design
  7. Computer Science
  8. human Communications
  9. Artificial Intelligence
  10. Game Theory
  11. Machine Learning
  12. Robotics
  13. Professional Inventor
  14. computer Networks

Ehsan Lesani's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Design and Implementation 2 simple Games with Action Script 3 Scripting Programming Language and Adobe Flash Professional Software.
  2. Design and Implementation Chat System between Users in Local Lane Network consists of very high Protection and Security by Action Script 3 Scripting Programming Language, Adobe Flash Professional Software and other Web side Programming Languages include of PHP, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS and asp.
  3. Design and Implementation many User Interfaces in Client side by JavaScript and jQuery.
  4. Design and Implementation User Interface Server side for Administrator Users with the aim of having Access Directed to Server File System as Online for Management Files and Folders in Server side.
  5. Design and Implementation Images Crop Tool by Using from asp, JavaScript and jQuery. When Image cropped, then this Image with JavaScript and jQuery Send to Server and over there Save Image Received by asp Language.