Problem Solver

Elahe Khani

Areas Elahe Khani is Knowledgeable in:

-Nano Technology

Techniques Elahe Khani Uses:

OS : Linux Ubuntu , Windows
Programming: C/C++ , Python , Arduino Boards Programing Language
Software : LabVIEW , Maple , MATLAB , Microsoft Office (Word, Power Point,
Excel ) ,X’Pert ,Origin ,Fullprof

Elahe Khani's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Construction and characterization of magnetic Fe(1-x)CO(x) nanoparticles,
    Familiar with Ac Susceptometer & VSM & XRD Devises
    · Coding and design of electronic equipment for thermal imaging camera with prototyping
    (B.Sc. workshop Thesis)
    · Write a C++ Code in Millikan Experiment For modern physics Lab
    Research Assistant Night Vision & Thermal Imaging Cameras,
    design a Lab heating Mantle with prototyping