Problem Solver

Eldar Novitsky

Eldar Novitsky

Areas Eldar Novitsky is Knowledgeable in:

management, engineering, production, marketing, chemistry, healthcare, Kaizen (always grow in specializations and its number)

Techniques Eldar Novitsky Uses:

always see how to do things in right way more effectively

Eldar Novitsky's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Fresh deep view - decisions nobody can see

Eldar Novitsky's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Sberbank (Russian top bank) - service system corrections
  2. some serious inventions in process of preparing/getting patent (portable energy devices, healthcare devices, engine innovations)
  3. tourism in Praha - some special solutions + new trend (last one is still in progress of preparing)
  4. some new app products and "new in old" solutions (still in preparation for market entry)
  5. Igor Rybakov (famous Russian billionaire) - speech craft & social media private corrections (Instagram&youtube)
  6. Hoff (chain of supermarkets in Russia) - retail solutions - for profit upping and "how to win IKEA" strategy
  7. Tesla car innovation (product is still in preparation for market entry)
  8. Raised the most known manufacture of bagpipes in Belarus - from the bottom to the presidential order and national bagpipes orchestra creation (year net profit increased in 5 times, some new popular products added)
  9. Michail Kuchment (Hoff`s owner, billionaire) - important Life protection solution