Problem Solver

Elin Engquist

Elin Engquist

Areas Elin Engquist is Knowledgeable in:

Heavy mechanical design, welded constructions, assembly, acide proof materials, structurally challenging designs.

Techniques Elin Engquist Uses:

I use brainstorming, function description, function analysis, technical specifications, QFD (house of quality), evaluaton matrixes, and most importantly: common sense coupled with experience.

Elin Engquist's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Catia V5/V6
  2. Basic structural calculations
  3. 2D Layouts
  4. 3D modeling

Elin Engquist's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have commersilized the use of turbines in tissue machines. I designed the rebuilds of the first 3 installations of turbines in tissue machines and redesigned the standard machine to be prepared for turbines.
  2. I am one of five inventors of a issued patent regarding the use of turbines in paper machines.
  3. I am one of two inventors of a issued patent regarding a new water handeling system for paper machines that enables the machine to run with and without a turbine, as well as efficiently evacuating air from the water.
  4. I designed a new fit for purpouse tissue machine wet end in order to fulfill more customer requests and at the same time lower the price substantially while not removing function or compromising quality.