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Elshaimaa Darag

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The universe, the earth and the human

Techniques Elshaimaa Darag Uses:

Benefits of electromagnetic force
These amazing powers can be used as shields from the rocket, bombs and bullets.It can damage all of them .It is useful in many thing but it can use to end the life of all organism . In other-side there is another force can stop this force DO YOU KNOW IT ?!. imagine with me what is it?

Elshaimaa Darag's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. searching science

Elshaimaa Darag's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. To improve the power of gears must be made of molten iron added copper. This mixture is very important in the manufacture of gears
    In order to prevent erosion and breakage of the gears, it has to be vaccinated with a central swivel to absorb the friction during durna
  2. The end of oil gas
    when the oil gas gon ,what shall we do to continue in our life. I think the future will be the natural energy or the save energy. We made a terrible mistake when we extracted oil.. We make a big mistake when we depend on the oil gas, This oil slick in the earth was important to maintain the stability of the earth layers and reduce the occurrence of earthquakes. Our work of digging and digging contributed directly and indirectly to the worsening situation on the ground
    So i think we must cooperate to develop renewable energy as a better alternative to petroleum