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Eyayu Ali

Researcher and Innovator of sustainable technology and green technology.

Gravitational energy for green technology

In world there is a serious shortage of energy source to live for 7 billion people, we need sustainable energy to use ,prevent the atmosphere pollution as well as human from hazardous gases ,we should have to use appropriate technology. My research around the technology that brings to use. Our planet, earth rotate around its axis with no entrap-ts by its electric magnetic field in its body as well as on the Universe this unpolluted motion is created, the most dense magmatic field inside earth and out side atmosphere interaction through the Universe system ,my idea stand to share the model energy creation on the motion of magmatic field.

I try to design and make sample for water pump. It is really successful.

On this oscillating mechanism I create from the toy we use to drive toy cars,(A) pulley Redirect the pull back force for the highly rotated wheel,(B) bearing reduction of friction,(C)rope that pull the high tensioned material (rubber)to continue its rotation.(D)the heave weigh wheel use to create none stop motion,(F)the high strength rubber to hold high twist force torque to get none stop motion By this second pendulum mechanism we start the wheel pulled device the none step movement. We have magnetic force device to do not interrupt the movement ,we take electric from the heavy wheel(D)to take attract the (l)plate metal When the heavy weight (K)move back wards. The rope(F)pull the mechanism And the full Oscillated New Engine we have !

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