Innovation Facilitators

It takes a great deal of skill to work as an Innovation Facilitator: cultural sensitivity, the ability to keep people on the right track, respect for indivuals no matter what their personality style, the ability to build trust, and a determined commitment to see the project to its completion. IdeaConnection is always looking for great Facilitators with online experience.
Naveed Choudhry
Neil Farbstein
Nicholas Young
Niklas Hägg
Nitin Yadav
Nuno Lobo
Pam Holloway
Patricia Cox
Peter Austin
Peter Panopoulos, President & CEO
Philippe Herve
Pierre Wettergren
Pieter Van imschoot
Pushpinder Puri
R Chowdhury
Rachel Wyncoll
Rafi Shaik
Rajesh Menon
Rakesh dilip Sonawane patil
Randy Peterson
Rez So
Richard Glasson
Roel Verberk
Ronald Hoard
Rubie Moore
Saad Alhossin
Samer Bayda
Sanjay Sharma
Sarah Goroh
Shabnam Momtahan
Soren Pedersen
Srinivasan Raghunathan
Stephen Lafferty
Steven Kingsley
Sthembiso Zikhali
Sudheer Gupta
Sudin Baraokar
Sue Adams
Surya M Tripathi
Teddy Praxmarer
Tiffiny Poirier
Tony Contento
Tracy Hoffman
Veronica Sotomayor
Vic Desotelle
Viktor Popov

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