Problem Solver

Fanie van der Westhuizen

Areas Fanie van der Westhuizen is Knowledgeable in:

Process engineering (petrochemicals), hydraulics, material sciences, computer modelling

Techniques Fanie van der Westhuizen Uses:

Networking with relevant role players to understand problem from as many perspectives as possible
Thorough literature surveys
Defining problem and next steps to investigate solutions
Use analysis techniques; be it simulation software, online troubleshooting or small scale experimentation
My most useful tool by far is imagination

Fanie van der Westhuizen's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. BEng Chemical Engineering skill set

Fanie van der Westhuizen's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I have developed and provincially patented a clay synthesis technology for the production of absorbents, polymer additives, drug delivery systems, etc.
    I am currently working as an operations support engineer in the petroleum industry, where I troubleshoot process equipment on a daily basis