Problem Solver

Andrea Farace

Andrea Farace

Areas Andrea Farace is Knowledgeable in:

sport, financia planning, marketing online

Techniques Andrea Farace Uses:

Information. I collect a lot of information about the topic, I study eventually similar cases and then I sleep. Usually the solution comes out itself in a few days.

Andrea Farace's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Teaching

Andrea Farace's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. I created an internet set of e-commerce related social profiles that were so well made that people believed they were the actual and official profile of the item itself. One example? The colosseum. When facebook noticed (quite late I'd say...) they cancelled my page.
  2. I created a tool that allows a specific machine (BOSCH) to cut a series of precise wood pieces in order to create a kit. This kit is then used to assemble a final product. The result consisted in the absolute reduction of the cutting time.