Problem Solver

Fauve Altman

Fauve Altman

Areas Fauve Altman is Knowledgeable in:

Public relations, project management, communication and marketing, in depth research (any subject, always keen to learn).

Techniques Fauve Altman Uses:

I understand body language, tone of voices, facial expression, words used in sentences, semantics hold a strong value linked to the persons feelings and behavior tendencies.

Fauve Altman's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Multitasker
  2. Go-getter
  3. People reader
  4. intuition
  5. social cues
  6. Perseverance

Fauve Altman's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. -I have the capacity of being able to tell the likes and dislikes, the habits and general behavior of the person by looking at them for two minutes or less. Which has helped a lot in production management for a big event corporation, as we must please the artists on contract.
    -My ability to read and adapt to people in front of me is a great asset solving. Give me a chance, i will not deceive.