Problem Solver

Felice Shekar

Areas Felice Shekar is Knowledgeable in:

Human Behavior, and Conflict Analysis and Resolution, and Psychology

Techniques Felice Shekar Uses:

Research Methods Experience

Felice Shekar's Problem Solving Skills:

  1. Published Researcher = Peer reviewed journals
  2. Published Author
  3. Attention to Detail
  4. Customer Service
  5. Social Scientist
  6. Research Assistant
  7. Bachelors Degree - Psychology
  8. Teaching Assistant
  9. Masters Degree - Conflict Analysis and Resolution
  10. Self-employed business person
  11. Financial success experience
  12. World Traveled - 6 of 7 continents

Felice Shekar's Problem Solving Experience:

  1. Designed Masters and PhD level educational grading rubrics to make grading more efficient and give students more efficient feedback.
    Published in peer reviewed journals.
    Computer addiction research at the graduate level.
    Genocide research at the graduate level.
    Published in non-fiction book.